Welcome to Itenas Bandung International Office Website!

We are the central office for international mobility and collaborations in our Institute, Our website serves as the doorstep towards international information for potential collaborators all over the world in education, research, and community engagement, Please explore our website and contact us for any inquiries you possibly have.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Visa requirements for International Students?
If you are admitted to Itenas and wish to enrol, you will need to apply for a student visa to attend college in Indonesia, a process that includes submitting financial statements showing that you have funding to study in Indonesia. More information on the visa application process can be found in International Office Website follow this link: http://international-office.itenas.ac.id/for-current-students/for-freshman/international-office
If you are interesting in regular program please check this link http://pmb.itenas.ac.id/
If you are interesting in Darmasiswa Scholarship-BIPA program, you can check this link http://international-office.itenas.ac.id/darmasiswa/
All regular classes are taught in Bahasa Indonesia, Darmasiswa Scholarship-BIPA program is partially in English, Short Summer programs are taught in English